Hey friends! Welcome to The9thSol a style blog dedicated to all things stylish.  Over here at The9thSol we believe everything you do, is a form of expression. From the way you dress, think, and even your likes and dislikes.  The9thSol was created as a gateway to truly express how we feel through style, taste, travel, and music. Our message- live a life, the way your Sol feels and great things will come. We believe in diversity and encourage rad conversations about all things that move you to do the things you do. Our main goal is to inspire a lifestyle solely curated by you, and by doing what we love we hope to motivate others to do the same. Founder of The9thSol  is Karina Austin  a young 20 something year old currently living in Atlanta,Ga. She was born in the big city of New York, but had the absolute pleasure of growing up in the U.S.Virgin Islands. Karina has an array of interest, but fashion has always been her escape.Being the edgy,rebel Sol among-st her friends she has always taken risk and broken rules with her personal style. That attitude spread to other areas in her life and in time created the fuel to start this blog. The9thSol hopes to inspire and be inspired!


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