Sol Meets

I am super excited to introduce my new series #SolMeets on the blog. I love meeting new and interesting people who are pushing boundaries and not taking the typical route or even those who are a little lost. As a millennial I think it's extremely important to share our experiences so that we can inspire and change the world around us. This platform is for all. Hashtag #SolMeets to individuals who inspire you. I encourage you to reach out and meet up. I have and look forward to seeing who I meet next!  I hope you find a story or person here that speaks to your Sol.

First up in the series is the ever impressive and my friend  Livelle "Chuck" Mobley a.k.a
TheWhimmer; I asked  him to share some of his life with you guys, I hope you enjoy meeting Chuck as much as I did!

"For the last 14 months, I’ve been living abroad in various places such as Sydney, Melbourne, Bangkok and now Kuala Lumpur. Along the way I’ve learned some key things, one mainly being that life is all about perspective, everything is dependent on your viewpoint. Just because something is different from what you are used to does not mean it’s wrong, it’s just different. While traveling you learn to adapt quick, you have to. Currently, I’m working at an art gallery in KL, that I found through a database called Workaway. At the gallery, I do various things ranging from being the curator of an exhibition to some days being a photographer and others maybe doing something as simple as offering a fresh perspective to a peer.
I became fond of creating food because it’s one of the few things that I can design in entirety alone. I get to start from the ground floor and work my way up, It’s the process which I truly enjoy. I get to play around with ingredients not only for taste and smell but for design purposes as well. I’d go back and forth visualizing color pallets for hours. Once I finish the actual cooking it’s along to the photography stage, which is also one of my favorite hobbies. The entire process is soothing to me (if it turns out right). I've taken a few L’s in the kitchen.  Cooking for me is more so about the opportunity to get out ideas. I would go places and see something cool and would think to myself “This is good but you know what would really make this DOPE?”. After years of living and eating, I now have a huge floating mood board in my head, where ideas start to randomly form together.

Seafood Curry w/ Bok Chuy
Photos By-@TheWhimmer

The last four years of my life has been an amazing journey, I guess it’s a good thing that I LOVE adventures as much as I do. I believe anyone who loves knowledge loves adventures. I love the journey of learning. I want to know everything and I want to know from the source! That’s what makes me so keen on traveling. I like being personal and interactive. I already know what a generic answer sound like, I get told it during every mundane conversation. I’m not too fond of stereotypes because I know things are so complex. Myself, for example, I will go from listening to 2 Chains to Classical to A Tribe Called Quest to Norah Jones to 80’s Rock back to Classical or some Jazz in a heartbeat. I crave unique experiences. Everybody has their own story and I want to know about it, the unedited version. If I could give anyone 3 tips It would be to  Be Open to new situations, share your ideas, and start whatever you want to do now. Don’t wait on trying to make everything perfect, work with what you got and see where it takes you."


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